October 31, 2018

Episode 41 - Roar: Part 2

TW: Rape and Incest

Heath Ledger is back and so are we! ...But more importantly, Heath Ledger. 

We chat about banshees, weird little sex boys, and what it means to be a father. 

Thanks to Sir Knee for their continue pursuit of Ending Pending glory!

October 23, 2018

Episode 40 - Roar: Part 1

After a long and very unplanned hiatus, the Ending Pending Posse is back to shepherd you through our new show like the Baby Druid King you are. We're watching "Roar" a 1997 drama starring a young Heath Ledger as King of the Celts. It's kinda like D&D if your DM wanted to give you stockholm syndrom.

Jump on in and follow along with us through our magical mystery tour through ancient Ireland.

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September 25, 2018

Episode 39 - Mixology: Part 4

ABC's Mixology ends the way it began...kinda meh. We get up way too close and way too personal with everyone's favorite Dark Knight and his Bata-wang.

Then we rant about missed opportunities and then write our best pitches for Season 2. They're all good. Seriously. So much potential wasted. Give us the reigns, network television.

September 20, 2018

Episode 38 - Mixology: Part 3

The kitchen is closed at the Ending Pending bar but the drinks are still flowing strong as we cover four more episodes of ABC's Mixology. The hosts discuss what kind of a fun and flirty drink they would be, Andy and Evin are bored of this show, and Ronnie goes deep about why it's still working for him.


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September 4, 2018

Episode 37 - Mixology: Part 2

Andy and Evin shoulder the burden of Mixology this week, and it's actually a bit lighter. This show is way more enjoyable this time around. The jokes are funnier, the misogyny is lighter, and the firefighters are hotter! Something for everyone! 

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What can we say about this show? It is kinda funny sometimes. It's SUPER problematic some other times. It's depressing in that it's a reflection of society. And there's a hot bartender.

Yup. That's Mixology in a nutshell!

Andy, Evin, Ronnie discuss the TV shows getting their first season this Fall. They discuss "The Kids are Alright" "Legacies" and "Titans" as they try to decide what shows will be ending and which shows are going to work!

We tie a nice neat bow around one of the hardest shows to recap that we've ever done. We talk about our new Disney co-hosts and come up with some wacky and wild Season 2 pitches. 

We're back with more Frequency! There hasn't been much time travel lately. But there have been plenty of murders. And not just by our hosts' new Murder-sonas.

Listen until the end for a new bonus episode listener challenge.

This is it! The epic conclusion to the Drunk Smallville Trilogy! We wrap up some pretty wild seasons of Smallville that included the Justice Society of America, Darksied, and the Superman spandex! FINALLY! We are pretty tipsy at this point. Thanks to Andy for sharing this detailed walk with us. Please don't ever do it again!

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